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Let me rephrase: When was the last time you woke up feeling good, even BEFORE coffee? 🤪☕️ If your answer isn't "This morning," you might want to click "Learn more."

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Deep down, you know it isn't true. There IS more to life than how you've been feeling lately.

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Here's the deal: Childhood beliefs and feelings are important. You have to be conscious of them and experience them in the present. This has to happen in the context of a coherent story of your past. Only then will you achieve the peaceful, satisfying emotional state you're looking for.


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Do you identify as a classic (over)achiever—yet somehow, despite all your successes, you still feel like a fraud? I've got something you need to hear.

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You know who you are. You’ve basically "made it." You should be happy—but you’re not. You’re a hard worker! You achieve your goals! But you feel stressed out, irritable, or bored for NO GOOD REASON. If you recognize yourself anywhere in this description, you owe it to your future self to click "L...

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This course is only for action-takers who are 100% ready to start consistently enjoying day-to-day life. If that sounds like you, click to learn more.

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Our culture sees being stressed out all the time as a badge of honor, as a sign that you're somehow more important or better than other people. That ain't it, fam. The truth is that chronic stress is actually keeping your most productive, happiest life just out of reach—but not for much longer!

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9 months ago
I have gone to several of Leah's monthly Saturday workshops, where she takes us through about two hours of bioenergetics and other somatic-based movements to relieve stress and tension. There is truly nothing like it and her innovation compilation of exercises are a perfect blend to lead to a sense of relaxation and a sense of goodwill/contentment (equanimity?). Definitely recommend you try it!
- Lisa M
11 months ago
Did her monthly mental reset class throughout my third pregnancy and it helped me tremendously! Her practical exercises helped me keep my mind and body calm throughout my labor and delivery. Breathing exercises, tension release exercises and voice exercises all worked during the birth of my third child!!
- Breann G
a year ago
I have been to a couple of Leah's classes and have been able to learn more about myself in my journey of freedom. Leah creates a safe place for healing and release. I am grateful for the care and peace that she carries!
- Elizabeth S

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tampa's only licensed bioenergetic psychoanalyst, actively guiding highly-motivated individuals, couples, and families to peak emotional success through effective psychotherapy, counseling and life-coaching services.

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