Posted on Jan 1, 2021

Leah Benson Therapy

Here’s the deal. 💡

Your mind and body are connected.

But unfortunately, for all the good stuff modern society has given us,

it has also taught you to deny the reality that your mind and body are connected.

It has taught you to restrict the flow of energy in your body.

And to pretend that the sensations inside you don’t have anything to do with your mental state.

But I guarantee you

that whatever YOUR particular symptoms are,...

these LIES that modern society has fed you

are at the root of your stinky emotional status quo. 💩

*I mean, obviously, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make sure you don’t have any underlying medical issues*, but otherwise, I guarantee you

that the secret to a better emotional status quo

lies in your BODY. 💪

Want to know if chronic stress is at the root of YOUR symptoms?

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